December 31, 2012

Twilight Portrait (2012)

Twilight Portrait (2012)
Directed by: Angelina Nikonova
Country: Russia

Review: Angelina Nikonova’s directorial debut is a bleak portrait of a decadent Russia and also a curious character study. The approach in "Twilight Portrait" is raw, with intense and realistic scenes. It was a shame that some details hampered its chances of being more effective. I think the movie would have caused much more impact without the first scene, which serves as a warning for what will come next, losing the surprise factor. Marina, the main character, was brutally raped. Yet, the fact that she had been working with abused children, seemed too calculated by the screenwriters. Despite of these considerations, Marina’s baffling behavior kept me interested till the end, in a film that didn't spare an amoral Russia, where the lack of professionalism, bureaucracy, coldness and violence, are too evident issues to be ignored.

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