December 11, 2012

Diaz: Don't Clean Up This Blood (2012)

Diaz (2012)
Directed by: Daniele Vicari
Country: Italy / others

Review: At a time where protests are constantly occurring around the world, nothing better than watch “Diaz” to become alert for the dangers of democratic rights’ suppression and unjustified physical violence, all with political consent. After an incident involving a police vehicle and a group of demonstrators, during the G8 summit of 2001 in Genoa, the Italian police start an incursion to Diaz School, which was operating as a shelter for left-wing activists and journalists, causing several deaths and injuries. This true event was also known for the false medical reports and faked proofs used by the police to justify the excess of violence and abuse of power. The characters were based on real witnesses and the scenes generate the proper tension to catch the viewer. “Diaz” is an important film, denouncing a tragic day that will always be a stain on Italian Democracy.

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  1. several deaths? don't think so. left-wing? er no, in fact, by and large, anarchists. not seen the film, but is there any mention of the planned nature of the police assault, which was planned weeks, if not months, ahead of the event?


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