December 07, 2012

Sister (2012)

Sister (2012)
Directed by: Ursula Meier
Country: Switzerland / France

Review: After "Home" (2008), “Sister” is another impressive movie directed by the Swiss-French Ursula Meier, revealing a well-designed story and compelling performances. Set in the Swiss Alps, it unveils the sad reality of a kid who sells stolen skis to make some money. That money often goes to his careless older sister with whom he has a relationship that will make you confused at first. In fact, the reality is very different from what we were imagining, with surprises popping up slowly but in perfect time to make it work throughout the steady rhythm of the story. “Sister” sticks in your head and will make you ruminate about rejection, exploitation and unwanted burdens in similar relationships. The final scene shows how much these two people are apart from each other. “Sister” hits the target, confirming Ursula Meier as a creative writer and influential contemporary filmmaker.
Relevant awards: Berlin; Athens.

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