January 30, 2015

These Final Hours (2014)

These Final Hours (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Zak Hilditch
Country: Australia

Movie Review: “These final Hours” is a suggestive example of a dark thriller where the mood overrides the quality of the plot. Australian writer/director Zak Hilditch, brings us an apocalypse tale, set in Perth, that relies on the rescue of Rose (Angourie Rice), a young girl who dangerously fell in the hands of one of the many mad savages who wander throughout the city, after she got lost from her father. With the end of the world arriving in twelve hours, James (Nathan Philips), her savior, tries to find a viable solution for this situation, while simultaneously decides to change his personal life when he learns that his supportive lover, Zoe (Jessica De Gouw), is pregnant of his child. Unsuccessfully trying to reach his sister who would take care of the girl, he ends up in a chaotic private party given by his vicious girlfriend, Vicky (Kathryn Beck), and his maniac brother, where drugs, madness, aggressiveness and orgies are abundant. Even tempted, James opts to put an end to his doomed relationship with Vicky but recklessly leaves the girl behind at the mercy of a spaced-out woman who thinks she’s Rose’s mother. No panic was felt among these people waiting for the end, mostly unsteady characters evincing alienated behaviors. Although Hilditch showed some nerve, I cannot say I was totally engaged by this film, especially in its final moments, which seemed more like an advertisement video clip that ends with the lame words ‘It’s beautiful!’, coming out from Zoe’s mouth when the fatal explosion occurs. Only recommended for enthusiasts of these apocalyptic situations, “These Final Hours”, was presented in torrid yellowish tones that intensifies the heat but doesn’t persuade our hearts.

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