July 13, 2015

10,000 Km (2014)

10,000 Km (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Carlos Marques-Marcet
Country: Spain

Movie Review: Natalia Tena and David Verdaguer may have been the only actors in “10,000 Km”, but that reality didn’t undermine the low-budget drama, which is an upfront exercise mounted with earnestness by the debutant director and co-writer, Carlos Marques-Marcet. What seemed to be another inconsequential story of separation that relies on modern technology to survive, ended up evolving into a heartfelt experience where the feelings sprout genuinely intense in the day-to-day of Alex and Sergi, a couple from Barcelona whose love is put to a test when she goes to L.A. for a one-year artistic residency in photography. The challenge of staying apart and still have to make the relationship work, can be followed since ‘Day 1’ when the possibility is considered with mixed feelings amidst their Sunday routines. On one hand they’re happy since it’s an opportunity, taking into account the difficult economic times in Spain, but on the other hand, they know the separation won’t be easy, and a blend of fear and sadness install. The first day without each other – ‘Day 2’, starts enthusiastically with Alex showing her gorgeous house. However, along the way, every day will bring different emotional states and the moods will change accordingly. Sometimes they’re totally in tune with each other: cheerful and optimistic while throwing in witty lines, supportive and understanding, having virtual sex… but other times they’re sulking, arguing, or reconciling from those arguments that mirror their frustrations, the burden of waiting infinitely, and even occasional unjustified jealousy. Some other days are represented through few hasty images that suggest nothing but sleeping, boredom, or anxiety. Having gone through a similar situation with my wife (identically, she came to the US to study photography), I’ve identified myself with so many things here, what ascertains that Mr. Marques-Marcet knows what he’s portraying, crafting this film compellingly through the involving performances from the cohesive pair of actors.

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