April 15, 2015

Electricity (2014)

Electricity (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Bryn Higgins
Country: UK

Movie Review: With a script by Joe Fisher from Ray Robinson’s novel of the same title, “Electricity”, is the second feature length film, out of his habitual TV scope, from British director and producer, Bryn Higgins (“Unconditional Love”). It stars the fashion model Agyness Deyn as Lily O’Connor, an epileptic woman who obsessively starts searching for her long-gone brother, Mikey, with whom she had a very special bond in their childhood, before they were separated due to family predicaments. Now that her disdainful mother is dead, a small inheritance is available to be shared. The resolute Lily leaves the casino where she works and moves to London with just a couple clues about Mikey’s whereabouts. In her staying, good and bad experiences will occur, apart from the imminent seizures that so many times frustrate her intentions. While some of the characters she comes across are like angels descending from the sky to give her a hand on the right time, some others are capable of ruining the day. Lily is clearly fed up of medication routines, failed therapies, and vague conclusions about her health state and even the bruises all over her body are no more embarrassments. A few stumbles in the script don’t disarm the mildly paced drama, an investigative London ride that oscillates from stressful to inconsolable to heartwarming. Cinematographer, Si Bell, guarantees rich visual textures, well supported by a catchy camera work that is particularly noteworthy during Lily’s seizures. The soundtrack was thoroughly selected and adjusts perfectly to the circumstances. Agyness Deyn also deserves some words of incentive since her performance was valid enough to justify what would be a questionable choice at a first glance. “Electricity” is flawed but copiously dignified to deserve a peek.

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