December 02, 2012

In Another Country (2012)

In Another Country (2012)
Directed by: Hong Sang-Soo
Country: South Korea

Review: Adopting the same style evinced in his preceding films, Hong Sang-Soo creates three different stories about a French woman who is visiting the same coastal town in South Korea. Each story has a different development, but all of them share a few common elements: Isabelle Huppert as the French visitor, a beach lifeguard, a film director, a missing lighthouse and a white umbrella. Romance is the basis for a set of different encounters and experiences, where jealousy comes to surface somehow and the language issues often function as a comical factor. “In Another Country” features the lightness and charm of “The Day He Arrives” (Sang-Soo's masterpiece) but without the consistency of its plot. Even so, agreeable moments of cinema are assured.

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