December 13, 2012

Pietà (2012)

Pieta (2012)
Directed by: Kim Ki-Duk
Country: South Korea

Review: With “Pietà”, Korean Kim-Ki Duk is back to interesting projects, after an extended period where his works didn't achieve great notoriety. Since 2004, with “3-Iron” and “Samaritan Girl”, that he hadn't so satisfying and balanced results. “Pietà” carries a psychological weight and violence that could have easily fallen in those kinds of unbearable gloomy scenarios that often lead us to discomfort in detriment of substance. This time, the strong content of the plot was well handled, without excess of violence, keeping the story alive till the end, and even making the imagery appealing. The visual pollution that can be seen throughout the film (decimated buildings, dirty alleys) has the power of increasing the miserable reality of the characters. Awarded with the Golden Lion at Venice, "Pietá" is an asphyxiating story about motherhood, greed, evilness and revenge.

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