December 29, 2012

Rebellion (2011)

Rebellion (2011)
Directed by: Mathieu Kassovitz
Country: France

Review: “Rebellion” marks Mathieu Kassovitz's return to France, after an adventure in Hollywood with disastrous results. “Gothika” or “Babylon AD” were complete failures, while “La Haine” and “Assassin(s)” will be seen as references in his filmmaking career. Kassovitz recreates the 1988’s incidents that happened in New Caledonia, an archipelago located in southwest Pacific Ocean, when local men demanded instant independence from France, after making 27 hostages. Don’t expect lots of action here, since great part of the movie is centered on political negotiations between the parts involved. Despite the slow development, the story was able to keep me minimally interested, particularly regarding the dirty political manipulations that always lead to reproachable decisions. Welcome back monsieur Kassovitz!

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