December 12, 2012

Tilva Ros (2010)

Tilva Ros (2010)
Directed by: Nikola Lezaic
Country: Serbia

Review: “Tilva Ros” is a dissimulated documentary turned into independent drama. The movie was shot in Bor, Serbia, a small town that in the past was considered the biggest copper mine in Europe. Nikola Lezaic, also a native from Bor, decided to make a movie about two friends, Toda and Stefan, who are skaters in a group named “Kolos”. Despite their friendship, they are constantly competing about a girl named Dunja who arrived from France for holidays. Most of the time they're doing small-videos about radical jumps, auto-mutilation, beatings and random destruction, to get her attention. The movie shows a particular way of living, pointing how the living conditions and choices will take them to different paths. “Tilva Ros” may seem aimless at the first sight, but a closer look will make you conclude that this is a curious study about youth and their ambitions, in an isolated town.

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