December 28, 2012

Of Snails And Men (2012)

Of Snails And Men (2012)
Directed by: Tudor Giurgiu
Country: Romania

Review: “Of Snails And Men” is a Romanian comedy that tries to gain our sympathy through the habitual political mockery and social criticism. A factory is about to be privatized in a business involving a French company whose main activity is selling snail cans. George, one of the workers, struggles with despair and comes with a possible solution: trying to persuade all his co-workers to donate sperm, collecting the money needed to save the factory. Crossed romances and popular soundtrack, complete the parody – Michael Jackson Tour, Julio Iglesias’ karaoke moment and many representative Romanian songs gave a good contribution to animate the atmosphere. “Of Snails And Men” is a mildly funny political satire that delivers some dose of good-disposition despite the sadness hidden in its story.

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