December 17, 2012

Love In The Buff (2012)

Directed by: Pang Ho-Cheung
Country: China / Hong Kong

Review: “Love in The Buff” is the sequel of “Love in the Puff” from 2010. Cherie and Jimmy continue the struggle to make their relationship endure, but eventually they break up to meet once again in Beijing in unexpected circumstances. Starting all over again, will bring them the same problems as before, with the big decisions being reserved to the end. The movie unevenly stands between the light comedy and the sentimental drama, depicting how inattentive behaviors can ruin a relationship. The romantic side was watchable and with the right balance could have been much better, while the comic side was a complete failure. Using some cheesy scenes, uninspired jokes and an awful karaoke moment, this is a movie with too much ups and downs to be considered solid or interesting.

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