December 30, 2012

Hello I Must Be Going (2012)

Hello I Must Be Going (2012)
Directed by: Todd Louiso
Country: USA

Review: “Hello I Must Be Going” is a sympathetic film that illustrates Amy’s attempt to re-encounter herself, after a traumatic divorce. Forced to move to her parent’s house, Amy never leaves home and seems to have no purpose in life. It’s when an unexpected romance with Jeremy, who is much younger than she is, will bring her back some self-consciousness. Most of the funny moments seemed very genuine, consisting on awkward attempts to act as normal as possible within embarrassing family situations. Melanie Lynskey did a great job, playing Amy with charisma, while Christopher Abbot played Jeremy, a not so strong character and even a bit overdone in his dilemmas. It’s true that “Hello I Must Be Going” could have been better in many aspects, but despite all its flaws, it manages to inject a bit of fresh air in the so exhaustive romantic comedies.

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