December 19, 2012

Holy Motors (2012)

Holy Motors (2012)
Directed by: Leos Carax
Country: France / Germany

Review: Irreverent filmmaker Leos Carax shares his personal vision on cinema, turning “Holy Motors” in a film to be discussed. The first moments, filled with mystery and uncommon eccentricity, strangely appealed to my senses. My curiosity was sharpened while I was constantly trying to understand the meaning of all the odd assignments and behaviors. An obscure parallelism was made between the roles given to an actor and the roles played in real life (or lives). Each one of them had its purpose and meaning, needing to be fulfilled in a better way. The idea would have worked better, if we weren’t lost for so much time in its surrealism. The effective puzzle from the first half hour, gave place to some frustration due to the consecutive scenes that seemed pointless. This bizarre essay needed something else to become more lyrical or philosophical. Radical and free... although not brilliant.

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