December 28, 2012

Dredd (2012)

Dredd (2012)
Directed by: Pete Travis
Country: UK / USA / India

Review: “Dredd” is a tumultuous sci-fi movie, evincing urban chaos and futuristic imagery. It was based on the British comic “2000 AD”, which has Judge Joseph Dredd as main character. Helped by a psychic rookie girl (always helpful in these cases), Dredd will be trapped in a 200-floor shielded building, controlled by a dangerous gang. In a flash, the Indonesian “Raid: Redemption” came to my mind. Only this time, a large number of weapons were used instead of fists, not bestowing the same striking energy that emerged from the corporal fights. The merciless behavior showed by every character without exception, turned this film in one of the darkest of the year, but sadly the fierce action scenes eventually fell in standard shootings and hide-and-seek games, in a plot that can't be classified as imaginative or intriguing.

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