March 06, 2013

The Thieves (2012)

The Thieves (2012)
Directed by: Choi Dong-Hoon
Country: South Korea

Review: Another big hit in South Korea, “The Thieves” is a typical heist-film with a lot of characters, expectant action, noisy shootings, and some jolly moments. It could have been called ‘Ocean’s Eleven from Asia’, taking into account its similarities with Soderbergh’s hit of 2001. However, here the impossible stunts are in much larger number, as well as the greedy battle among the thieves to snatch a valuable diamond. Some suspense could be felt, although its frequent twists-and-turns never induced much enthusiasm or astonishment. The film presents the usual key elements: bluffs, quarrels, bribes, greed, hypocrisy, personal revenges, and even love. Actually, the amorous relationships among thieves revealed to be a major key in the plot’s turn of events. It was a constant guessing if the feelings were honest or cunning, or if the diamond was real or fake. “The Thieves” can be stirring and electrifying, although many times is just show-off, making us anticipate some of its calculated tricks.

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