March 26, 2013

The Sapphires (2012)

The Sapphires (2012)
Directed by: Wayne Blair
Country: Australia

Review: “The Sapphires” brings to the screen the rhythm of soul music in times of war, just as “Good Morning Vietnam” did a few years ago, although without the breathtaking effect. It also addresses racial problems in 1960’s Australia, where the aboriginals were practically ignored by the ruling white people. The story follows four talented aboriginal girls who were selected to sing in Vietnam for US soldiers. Once there, they will find a Saigon very receptive to their show, but not everything will run as planned. The internal conflicts will appear and the threats of war will cause damages. However, these two aspects revealed to be secondary compared with the discovery of love. Chris O’Dowd had an agreeable performance as goodhearted drunk manager, and certainly he wasn’t the reason why this film didn’t excel. The main reason was the overexploitation of the same romances and sentimental maneuvers, seen so many times before, to tell a story that never gave rise to great excitement. Admirers of catchy musicals may feel the rhythm beating in their hearts, while the aficionados of mild dramas shall be satisfied with the plot's denouement. But in my eyes, if the musical side was successful, the drama fell in banality through its second-hand approach and often misrepresentation of reality.

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