March 18, 2013

Ginger And Rosa (2012)

Ginger And Rosa (2012)
Directed by: Sally Potter
Country: UK / others

Review: Set in 1960’s London, “Ginger & Rosa” depicts the friendship between two inseparable teenagers. Much of their time is spent aimlessly: missing school, hitchhiking, flirting with boys, or discussing religion. Activism, in turn, was something they took seriously. Influenced by Ginger’s father, a known pacifist with a strong inclination for younger women, they start attending meetings and demonstrations against war and nuclear weapons. The holocaust seemed to be Ginger’s bigger concern, but her attentions will turn to her parents from the moment they decide to split up. The situation will be aggravated when her father begins a relationship with Rosa. This is one of the most substantial films in Sally Potter’s career, together with “Orlando”. If the latter had impressed with its weird fantasy throughout centuries of British history, “Ginger & Rosa” impressed through its clear-sightedness and authenticity. Its competent direction and selection of jazz tunes also deserve to be mentioned. Elle Fanning was brilliant, yet all the other performances are to be praised without exception. While the end could have been a little more pondered, its climax was able to cause the desired impact. Ginger’s fear concerning the end of the world was uncovered as being a deep anguish of losing her family and friend. It was admirable to observe that her good nature was promptly making room for forgiveness.

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