March 13, 2013

Funeral Kings (2012)

Funeral Kings (2012)
Directed by: Kevin McManus / Matthew McManus
Country: USA

Review: The adventures of two 14 year-old friends, Andy and Charlie, are the subject of “Funeral Kings”. The film has a wonderful start, with the two friends being turned on by a weeping young lady, while serving in a funeral as altar boys. Soon, David, a known actor kid with the same age, will join them. The story employed an invigorating rhythm in its first half but ended showing less than it had promised. The disconcerting moments and teen irreverence became to lose strength along the way, mostly due to the repetition of the ideas. The boys occupied their time by looking at girls, smoking, drinking, making pranks, and trying to get pornography from a video club. Guns also mark presence in their activities, originating some afflictive situations. “Funeral Kings” shows some agreeable moments, which ultimately are betrayed by the unevenness of the plot. Following teen minds for too long can become tiresome, especially when the adventures weren't taking us anywhere. McManus brothers' debut on writing, direction and production, left some expectations for the future.

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