March 07, 2013

Marie Kroyer (2012)

Marie Kroyer (2012)
Directed by: Bille August
Country: Denmark / Sweden

Review: “Marie Kroyer” is the typical film expected from a filmmaker such as Bille August. Taking into account his previous works, it’s easy to conclude that period dramas are the genre that he feels more comfortable with. This new feature-film depicts the relationship between the painter Peder Severin Kroyer and his wife Marie. The Kroyer couple seemed to live happily in fame and wealthy, but after a while we sensed that this happiness wasn’t so perfect but rather apparent. Suffering from bouts of mental illness, the talented painter becomes a threat to his family. Marie, whose dream was also to become a painter, was often hurt in her feelings by her husband's egocentrism. Their little daughter was another victim of his madness, in a couple of scenes that revealed to be simultaneously hilarious and sad. Exhausted, Marie leaves for Sweden to rest, eventually falling in love with a Swedish composer. Nevertheless, her life won't be easier. “Marie Kroyer” revealed competence and ability to entertain due to a refined ambiance and solid performances. It is not completely unpredictable or devoid of flaws, presenting coldness in moments that were asking for some more emotion. Yet, considering its story and genre, I believe it wouldn’t be easy to adopt a better approach in direction or create further excitement.

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