March 02, 2013

The Bay (2012)

The Bay (2012)
Directed by: Barry Levinson
Country: USA

Review: Barry Levinson is an American filmmaker who deserves all my respect. Works such as “Diner”, “Good Morning Vietnam”, “Rain Man”, or TV movie “You Don’t Know Jack” can’t be easily forgotten. But is also true that filmmakers with an immaculate career are very rare and Levinson was many times accused of using unsubstantial stories and commercial approaches. “Toys”, “Sphere”, “Envy” or “Man Of The Year”, fall in this group. The brand new “The Bay” is an experience on horror/thriller in the form of a fake documentary that happens to be unconvincing. Combining moments of seriousness with slight tones of mockery, the film never truly impresses in any other way than through gore imagery or brutal violence. I confess that in the beginning the story aroused my curiosity, startling me for a couple of times, but after a while its imperfections started to become too obvious. The hasty ending made me wonder what happened with bacteria that were ashore, once the bay waters were cleaned with chlorine. “The Bay” might be an intriguing experience on visuals, but its phony tone almost never reached satisfactory levels.

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