March 23, 2013

My Brother The Devil (2012)

My Brother The Devil (2012)
Directed by: Sally El Hosaidi
Country: UK

Review: What seemed to be a plot comparable to many others became a satisfying surprise denoting sensibility and consistency in the details. Two Londoners brothers of Arab origin will go through difficult situations in their neighborhood after getting into a gang of drug dealers. Rashid occasionally lets his younger brother Mo, deliver drug packets to clients, but at the same time tries to protect him from that perilous environment. After a friend has been brutally assassinated by a member of a rival gang, Rashid plans to avenge his death, but in the last minute he gives up, deciding to change his life and find a job. Against Rashid’s will, his brother takes his place inside the gang. Their bond will be put to test when Mo finds out that Rashid has an homosexual relationship with his new boss. The prejudice and frustration felt by Mo will make him ashamed of his brother but will he be able to ignore his own family? Despite the variety of matters involved, debutant filmmaker Sally El Hosaidi made a risky yet fearless approach, where family, biases, crime, and sexuality, were confronted in a mesmerizing manner. The plot, beyond convincing, never loses track of its purpose to show how people can learn, change, and make their personal options. After this well crafted multicultural gangland drama, I can’t wait to see what El Hosaidi has to offer next.

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