January 27, 2013

Wrong (2012)

Wrong (2012)
Directed by: Quentin Dupieux
Country: USA

Review: “Wrong” adopts an anarchic posture and a surreal mood to tell the story of Dolph, an unemployed man who keeps going to work and is looking for his missing dog. The movie spills nonsense situations in such a rhythm that the laughs from the beginning soon are transformed in fatigue and apathy. I am imagining how uncomplicated must be to write a plot like this. One just have to start with a basis story and then drown it in multiple subplots, writing the most absurd things that came to his mind without much concerns. But wait! Perhaps I’m being too harsh here. Some situations really made me laugh, like the phone call to the pizza store or Dolph’s friend who cannot admit he jogs. Watching this film can be compared to eating an overstuffed sandwich. Even if you like the ingredients, you can’t taste them properly. “Wrong” is messy and repetitive in its approach. Rather intriguing but hardly satisfactory.

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