January 21, 2013

Volcano (2011)

Volcano (2011)
Directed by: Rúnar Rúnarsson
Country: Iceland / Denmark

Review: “Volcano” portrays the story of Hannes, who has the soul of a fisherman but worked in a school for 37 years as a janitor. Since the day of his retirement, he experienced anxiety crisis and becomes depressive from then on. Everything seems to get old around him; even his boat won’t float anymore. Being strict by nature, he is nothing more than a sour man at the eyes of their children. His life will turn completely upside down when his wife suffers a stroke and becomes bedridden. The plot is not totally new, especially when Hannes slowly tries to reconnect with his family in times of sorrow. This fact is aggravated with the too much obvious similarities with Michael Hanekes’s “Amour”, which conveys a greater emotional depth on the matter. Nevertheless, in its slow pace, “Volcano” has its moments and is worth watching. The fact is: not having seen “Amour” might increase your chances of being surprised.


  1. Haneke is a thief. Volcano is one year older then Amour and a much better film.

    1. I found "Amour" more absorbent. But you are right, this film was released one year before, which arise some questions...


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