January 16, 2013

Stopped On Track (2011)

Stopped On Track (2011)
Directed by: Andreas Dresen
Country: Germany / France

Review: "Stopped on Track” is painful to watch. The opening scene seemed so real that did hurt, when Frank in the company of his wife, receives the news that he has only a few months to live due to a malign brain tumor. Their children took this fact with a sort of lightness at first. A curious fact, which I believe to be normal considering their age. The actors' commitment to their roles was noteworthy, with the expressions on their faces showing exactly the affliction of their souls.  The movie is not only about how Frank deals with his anger, frustration and fear; it’s also about how his family will change throughout the time. A film about cancer will never be easy to watch, having associated to itself an imminent risk of falling in well-known dramatic scenes. “Stopped On Track” was too honest to fall in that state, being able to depict every moment with a great sense of reality.

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