January 04, 2013

George Harrison:Living In The Material World (2011)

George Harrison:Living In The Material World (2011)
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Country: USA

Review: Scorsese’s documentary about George Harrison is a wonderful opportunity to know more about the ex-Beatles’ life. It thoroughly covers in a chronologically way, the different phases of his career as musician, his private life and the ceaseless search for a spiritual side in himself. That particular search made him experience the world of drugs and also led him to India. There, he learned to meditate and sought inspiration on the music of Ravi Shankar to proceed his solo career. In the final 70’s, he unexpectedly joined Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python group, having participated in “Life Of Brian” as an actor and executive producer. Beautiful photographs and video footage were placed on the screen, intercalated with interviews of his closest friends and family. Watching “George Harrison: Living in the Material World” made me look to the shyest Beatle with much more respect.

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