January 05, 2013

Searching For Sugar Man (2012)

Searching For Sugar Man (2012)
Directed by: Malik Bendjelloul
Country: UK / Sweden

Review: This documentary depicts an incredible story about an American musician who lived all his life in the shadow, while his records were sold at a fast pace in South Africa, during several years. The movie begins with all the mysteries involving Rodriguez, a man who nobody knew much about. Appearing and disappearing like a ghost, this composer from Detroit was a complete failure in the US, despite the meaningful lyrics and an interesting acoustic sound. Being an inspiration to South African people during the apartheid, in a time where any kind of art referring drugs or sex were banned by censorship, Rodriguez aroused curiosity among several followers of his music. An investigation was started, leading to unbelievable conclusions. “Searching For Sugar Man” is one of the best documentaries of 2012, making justice to a humble and talented artist.

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