January 12, 2013

Keep The Lights On (2012)

Keep The Lights On (2012)
Directed by: Ira Sachs
Country: USA

Review: “Keep The Lights On” seemed to bring homosexuality to forefront, yet the prevailing aspect here is substance addiction and the way it slowly ruin happiness. Erik is a filmmaker who has living under pressure for nine years, due to the frequent disappearances of his boyfriend Paul, a lawyer who’s addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex. The movie focuses on Erik’s efforts to have the situation under control, while tries to give the best support to his lover. Occasional betrayals from each one of them were intercalated with the recurrent ruptures and restarts, highlighting the sensations of mistrust and uncertainty. Despite the pouting and tantrums that mark this relationship, Sachs manages to lead the movie in a right way through a simple and practical direction. 

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