January 10, 2013

The Exchange (2011)

The Exchange (2011)
Directed by: Eran Kolirin
Country: Israel

Review: After the much appreciated “The Band’s Visit” (2007), Eran Kolirin embarks in a completely different reality. “The Exchange” is an intriguing story about a man’s obsession, which emerged unexpectedly one day when he had to break his routine, returning home from work in the middle of the afternoon. Some voyeurism, weird behaviors and possessive attitudes toward his wife, reinforced the idea of an insecure, suspicious and troubled man, who will find in a neighbor the perfect companion. Rotem Keinan’s performance was convincing, showing the interior struggle of someone who's willing to break the “rules”. The main issue with this film was that everything seemed so intriguing that I got used to it after a while, making me lose some sensibility for certain details. With a daring plot, “The Exchange” isn’t perfect but is unquestionably disconcerting.

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