May 11, 2013

What Richard Did (2012)

What Richard Did (2012)
Directed by: Lenny Abrahamson
Country: Ireland

Review: Leonard Abrahamson had impressed me with 2007’s “Garage”, a tragicomic tale set in a rural Ireland, about a gas-station attendant. “What Richard Did” comes in a totally different line, but also evinces realism and an interesting storytelling. As the university approaches, the idolized 18 year-old Richard Karlsen and his school friends decide to spend time together in the countryside. After meeting Lara, Richard instantly falls in love with her, but shows an uncontrollable jealousy particularly when his schoolmate Conor is around. During a night party, a fight between the two boys will cause irreversible consequences in Richard’s life. Based on Kevin Power’s novel “Bad Day in Blackrock”, “What Richard Did” interestingly depicts the psychological effects associated to an accidental killing, the transformations in the relationships, the importance of family, and leaves in the air the question: is it possible to live a lie forever? This low-key film counted with an admirable performance by Jack Reynor, who showed guilt and fear in a believable way. Immutable in pace and mood, the film never loses significance but also does not enrapture us with intense emotions.

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