May 04, 2013

Starlet (2012)

Starlet (2012)
Directed by: Sean Baker
Country: USA

Review: Set in the urbanized area of San Fernando Valley in LA, “Starlet” tells the story of an improbable friendship between Jane, a 21 year-old porn actress, and Sadie, an octogenarian widow who lives alone. The two women met for the first time at Sadie’s yard sale, where Jane bought an old thermos that she was planning to use as a vase. But for her surprise, she found that the thermos contained ten thousand dollars. Intrigued about this fact, feeling guilty, and fed up of getting high with her immature housemates, she will try to get closer to this solitary woman and know more about her life. The film was named after Jane’s dog Starlet, which has a great influence in capital situations along the story. There’s two distinct sides here: a sweet side that depicts the flourishing friendship and growing dependence between the women, and a rough side, with hardcore sex images, drug consumption, and a sense of aimless and meanness from Jane’s supposed friends. Regardless of some predictable occurrences (especially those involving the dog), and a friendship whose evolvement seems more hypothetical than real, “Starlet” could keep up a decent tone thanks to the good performances, suitable direction, and avoidance of sentimental maneuvers. Even with some sad revelations, the ending left much space for hope, prefiguring a better life for both ladies. Sean Baker’s fourth feature film, satisfies without exceed expectations.

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