May 28, 2013

Black Rock (2012)

Black Rock (2012)
Directed by: Katie Aselton
Country: USA

Review: “Black Rock” emerged from the collaboration between Katie Aselton (direction and acting) and her husband Mark Duplass (screenplay), being an uninteresting exercise on horror thriller. The film is about three childhood friends who decide to set up a girls’ weekend in a remote island to bring their friendship back on solid terms. Provided with improvised hand-drawn maps, as in a real treasure hunt, they would be ready for a pleasant adventure, if three men didn’t have crossed their path. This unfortunate encounter will leave traces of blood and death. The script didn’t exactly show imagination or smartness, making the film fall in banal territory. Its execution was another problem, since the majority of the scenes evinced a comic dullness, seeming completely apart of the realism that its duo of creators had aspired. The arguments among the girls were trivial; the survival strategies looked like as if it were coming from kids; while the physical fights weren't genuine, giving a false impression of fierceness. Feminists may find it brave, but the brainless hunt depicted in “Black Rock” was incapable to catch, provoke, or intimidate, becoming a total waste of time.

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