May 07, 2013

Sun Don't Shine (2012)

Sun Don't Shine (2012)
Directed by: Amy Seimetz
Country: USA

Review: Actress Amy Seimetz has an interesting debut as director with “Sun Don’t Shine”, an atmospheric road trip through central Florida and another hymn to the deviations of the human mind. After the first tense moments, when we watch a couple fighting in a muddy field, we get to know that they are involved in a murder of a man whose body they carry in the car trunk. Along the trip, their characters start to take shape. While Leo is ponderous, meticulous, and always worried about not to be noticed or what to do next; Crystal reveals to be immature, insecure, jealous, whimsical, and mostly unbalanced. Kate Lyn Sheil’s performance was outstanding, and the moving camera often lingers on her expressions and deliriums. Seimetz’s approach evinced similarities with “Upstream Color”, a fact that is not so surprising, if we considered her participation on that new cult film as main actress. The silences alternate with different types of sounds, sometimes subtle and distant, sometimes sudden and loud, combining with haunting images to form almost a plotless thriller that intrigues but not excites us so much. Among imperfections and inaccuracies, this indie film ended up being enjoyable, thanks to the performances and to a very funny ending, which represented a cool down in the suffocating heat of Florida.

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