May 27, 2013

Before Midnight (2013)

Before Midnight (2013)
Directed by: Richard Linklater
Country: USA

Review: Nine years after “Before Sunset”, the relationship between Celine and Jesse proceed, in a more mature perspective, but maintaining the same involvement, intimacy, and romanticism as before. The innumerable arguments concerning the mid-life crisis that the couple is going through are done in a natural and funny way. Just like in the two other prequels, the dialogues are absolutely fantastic and so well conceived that is quite impossible to be detached from what is going on with this charismatic couple. The conversations about work, children, sexual life, move abroad, and past events, seem so real that very few films can compare to it, in terms of credibility. It was delightfully charming when Celine, completely pissed off, leaves the Greek hotel with her bag in one hand and her panties in the other. In the end, the rapprochement was accurate, delicate, and witty, culminating in a great moment of sincerity and true passion. Richard Linklater didn’t forget how to do it, using warm and simplified shots, but he couldn’t have made such accomplishment without the tremendous performances by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, who also helped writing the screenplay. This is a powerful example of non-manipulative cinema, where every character strives to be as close as possible of an intimate reality without forcing the situations. And they do that with amazing distinctiveness.

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