May 09, 2013

The Almost Man (2012)

The Almost Man (2012)
Directed by: Martin Lund
Country: Norway

Review: “The Almost Man” presents us a character study that isn't so penetrating, leaving me expecting something more. Henrik is 35, and apparently have a happy life. He has a good job, friends who care for him, and seems to have a very stable and joyful relationship with his girlfriend, who is expecting his baby. But these first moments of the story revealed to be deceitful, since Henrik denoted an erratic behavior, immaturity, and selfishness. His adventures are everything but normal, filled with odd episodes such as piss inside his girlfriend’s friend’s car, partying without control, or attack a workmate. Besides, he is completely unable to have a decent conversation or understand his partner’s needs, always with a stupid joke ready to say in the worst moments. Impatient in his job, he ended up quitting in a childish way, after spend some time hiding in corridors and fooling around. The funniest moment of the film was when Henrik abandoned his squash mates, grumbling and sulking like a kid, and went to a bus stop, refusing their ride. This scene showed clearly his personality, rejoicing with the foolish situation created in the middle of the road. Not so anarchic as its obnoxious main character, Martin Lund’s second feature film has exposed promising situations but not always concluded them in the most satisfying way.

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