May 23, 2013

A Few Hours Of Spring (2012)

A Few Hours Of Spring (2012)
Directed by: Stéphane Brizé
Country: France

Review: “A Few Hours Of Spring” is a compelling drama that depicts the relationship between Alain, an ex-con man who is trying to rebuild his life from the ground, and his mother, Ivétte, who is struggling with cancer. After 18 months in prison, Alain had to return temporarily to his mother’s place, but there is a visible distance between them, with every attempt of conversation ending up in a quarrel. Upset and frustrated with his life,  Alain leaves home and asks for shelter in a neighbor’s. Before that, he found out that his mother had signed the papers to die without suffering in Switzerland by assisted suicide. I felt a great joy when the pride of mother and son eventually fades out and they reconnect again, even if the means that made it possible have been reproachable. This is a powerful film from a psychological point of view; a bittersweet story, which conveys not only a heaviness that is naturally associated to its theme, but also the beauty of understanding and forgiveness. The nominated for French César awards, Vincent Lindon and Hélène Vincent, were memorable in their roles, in a movie that has the honesty as its main strength. The excruciating final moments crushed my heart, though, despite the uneasiness you might feel, the idea of a calm and comfortable departure is rewarding.

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