July 27, 2013

Wasteland (2012)

Wasteland (2012)
Directed by: Rowan Athale
Country: UK

Review: Rowan Athale’s directorial debut “Wasteland” is a heist film, in which I could not identify myself with any character or find anything that stands above the standard patterns of the genre. Its main issue was exactly the lack of something new, aggravated by the unnoticeable performances, bad taste in soundtrack, and an overcooked and sluggish description of a robbery that got me bored all along. The plot starts with a police interrogation and ends in a confession, after Harvey (Luke Treadaway), released from prison six weeks before, has decided to take revenge on Steven Roper (Neil Maskell), the drug dealer responsible for his undeserved arrest. In order to perpetrate his plan, he will count with three friends and will try to calm down his girlfriend who strictly opposes to it. The arguing among the characters seemed too schemed to work properly, which made Mr. Athale's difficulties in terms of script even more visible. The formulaic approach and lack of energy in the scenes and characters, caused “Wasteland” to be even more trapped in its borrowed ideas and contrived plot. A too discouraging ride to be recommended.

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