July 22, 2013

The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring (2013)
Directed by: James Wan
Country: USA

Review: I cannot say I am an admirer of James Wan’s horror films, which include “Saw”, “Dead Silence”, “Death Sentence”, or “Insidous”, with exception of his new one, “The Conjuring”. The plot was written by the twin brothers Chad and Carey Hayes, inspired on the true events occurred in 1971 at Harrisville, Rhode Island, where an entire family was threatened by evil spirits, after they have moved to a remote haunted house. Luckily, they were helped by the demonologist Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and his clairvoyant wife Lorraine (Vera Farmiga), one of the most famous couple working and researching on paranormal cases at the time. I found this experience to be pretty scary and disturbing, despite of the familiar atmosphere and cyclical sudden frights. Helmer James Wan did it smartly, giving space for the story breathe for itself without rushes or trying to impress gratuitously, until the chilling finale, in which we could experience the intensity and strength of unsettling images related to an exorcism. With great performances from all the cast, stupendous cinematography by John R.Leonetti, and petrifying music by Joseph Bishara, “The Conjuring” is a fantastic achievement on horror that stands closer to the disquietude of “The Exorcist” than to the unimpressive excesses of “Evil Dead”, being already a solid reference in the genre.

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