July 08, 2013

The Way, Way Back (2013)

The Way, Way Back (2013)
Directed by: Nat Faxon / Jim Rash
Country: USA

Review: The Way, Way Back” is a refreshing coming-of-age drama that takes its subject matter a step up when compared with other recent releases of the same genre. The film follows 14-year-old Duncan (Liam James), a shy and sensitive boy who went in a summer vacation with his mom, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s daughter. Once there, he will struggle to come out from the shell where he was hidden all the time, not just realizing that his mother was increasingly drifting away from him, but also that something was not right with his own attitude. Everything will change for better when he get to meet Owen (Sam Rockwell), the local water park’s manager who offers him a job there. The film was written and directed by Jim Rash and Nat Faxon, whose screenwriting abilities could already be witnessed in Alexander Payne’s “The Descendants”. This duo, who also performed a small role, couldn’t avoid the clich├ęs associated to this kind of stories, but managed to dissimulate them in such a way that we almost forget they are there. This aspect was achieved due to not even one uninteresting character in the plot and the amazing performances from all cast, with a special mention for a cool Sam Rockwell. Despite one or another slip, which includes the final moments in the water park, “The Way, Way Back” is ideal for a good summer watching, providing enough bittersweet moments to grab your attention.

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