July 10, 2013

Europa Report (2013)

Europa Report (2013)
Directed by: Sebastian Cordero
Country: USA

Review: This low-budget sci-fi film told in flashbacks, directed by Ecuadorian Sebasti├ín Cordero, fictionalizes a documentary about a space expedition to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, made by a crew of international astronauts in a spacecraft named Europa One. The events are narrated by Rosa, a pilot, as well as by the CEO of the private enterprise responsible for the launch of the mission. Great part of the information is showed by video footage with constant interruptions and noise that feel real, passing the idea of how the communication systems were sensitive on a moon exposed to radiation and with a lot to investigate, not only at surface. The almost primitive interiors of the spaceship (remembering the 80’s), as well as the beautiful and crafted outer images were a lesson to many high-budgeted films that simply overdo this crucial aspect. The cast was not outstanding, while the plot revealed some issues and questionable choices (gravity matters included) that could have been avoided, although it creates the right amount of tension and gripping to make us hold our breath once in a while. Gladly, “Europa Report” tried to create fear by exploring the psychological factor associated to the unknown, instead of wasting time with scary aliens. Being a different sci-fi, it will give rise to divergent opinions among the aficionados of the genre, but considering the film’s budget, I can say that Cordero did a competent job.

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