July 19, 2013

Traffic Department (2013)

Traffic Department (2013)
Directed by: Wojciech Smarzowski
Country: Poland

Review: Wojciech Smarzowski returns with the raw and aggressive style that characterizes him to fiercely criticize the Polish police system and much more. “Traffic Department” has been a massive success in Poland, and depicts a period in the life of seven conniving cops whose daily life in Warsaw is outrageously filled with sex, alcohol, drugs, and bribery. If this wasn’t enough, there is also racism and corruption associated with governmental people. The story starts without focus on any member in particular, but little by little we get to know that officer Krol is the man to follow, when he became the main suspect of Sargent Lisowski’s mysterious death. There were plausible reasons behind this accusation but Krol will do everything to clear his name and find the truth. I think that Smarzowski, in his urge to denounce this dark side of his own country, took some scenes to extreme levels, especially those depicting the police officers partying. In the other hand, its sarcastic and sturdy vision on the matter has the goal to open the people’s eyes for a problem with great impact in society. The structure is not always clear in its orientation, and sometimes we need to make an extra-effort to understand all the connections. The hasty and abrupt editing is another factor that may not be for everyone’s taste. Even somewhat faulty in its very own poignant and gloomy way, “Traffic Department” uses a strong determination to make us aware of a brutal reality. 

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