July 12, 2013

The Heat (2013)

The Heat (2013)
Directed by: Paul Feig
Country: USA

Review: Paul Feig’s new comedy “The Heat” is even weaker than his previous “Bridesmaids”. It puts together Sandra Bullock, as an ambitious FBI agent, and Melissa McCarthy, as an impolite cop, with the mission of bringing down a drug lord. It is excused to say that their initial incompatibility turned out in the best friendship (how many times did we see this before?), but their actions never led to anything funny or substantial. What was meant to be explosive and energetic, fell once again in the trap of clich├ęs and silly humor with very small doses of satisfaction. Unrealistic in many aspects, starting with McCarthy’s behavior as an agent of the law, the film was slightly better in its dialogues filled with vulgarity, than properly in the situations created. I can point one exception to this fact, when a tracheotomy was made to a choking man, capturing my attention for the intensity of the images. As for the rest, this stereotyped comedy, which expressed as much confusion as stupidity, never showed anything special to make the difference. Bullock’s performance was powerless, while McCarthy showed her capabilities by giving an authentic lesson on how to be dangerously unstable, but unfortunately the plot didn’t show consistency, charm, or wittiness to help us remember her. Simplistically boring!

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