February 06, 2014

Wolf (2013)

Wolf (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Jim Taihuttu
Country: Netherlands

Movie Review: “Wolf” is a rowdy drama that tells the story of Moroccan Majid Zamari, a talented kick boxer who has no reasons to be satisfied with his life in Netherlands, falling in a downward spiral of drugs and organized crime. Set in black and white, the first solo film by emergent director Jim Taihuttu, adopts a violent posture supported by a solid dramatic side that explains not only the anger and frustration of the main character, but also his sort of immoral and untamed behavior. So many bad things are happening in Majid’s life - his father doesn’t speak to him, being ashamed of his conduct; his older brother is dying in the hospital; he is unable to be a good example for his little younger brother who shows to have problems in school and is getting out of the track; his best friend, Adil, with whom he usually hangs out along the hood, is definitely not a good influence; his former girlfriend, Tessa, is now turned into a prostitute; and due to a great ambition and the will to protect his family’s interests, Majid starts working for the Turk dealer, Hakan, the feared header of a criminal gang. Despite the boasting airs exhibited here and there, the film is simultaneously vibrant, brutal, and depressive, with the latter being enhanced by establishing shots of the Dutch suburbs. Actor Marwan Kenzari, chosen once again by Taihuttu after the participation in his 2011 road movie, “Rabat”, makes proof of his talent, turning “Wolf” into a very credible odyssey into the Dutch multicultural underworld.

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