February 14, 2014

Lucky Bastard (2014)

Lucky Bastard (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Robert Nathan
Country: USA

Movie Review: Destined to be a hit near teen audiences, “Lucky Bastard” is the first feature film from TV producer-turned-director, Robert Nathan. The movie title comes from the name of a popular pornographic website whose mentor, Mike (Don McManus), decides to pick up one of the fans to have sex on camera with the desired porn star Ashley Saint (Betsy Rue). The purpose was to record everything and make fun of the chosen victim, the weird Dave G. (Jay Paulson), but the plans became thwarted when he couldn’t hold more than one minute with her (a chemistry problem, as they call it). That’s when Mike resolves to discard Dave from being the lucky bastard; a decision that will cost many lives. Through the use of found footage, the film tries to pass the idea of reality but completely failed in its intentions. Every sulk, argument, or fear, seemed pretty fake to me, and the supposed horror, most of the times, will push you to anecdotic places. All my efforts to take something positive out of this commonplace were in vain. Revealing weak technical aspects, including an unappealing cinematography, “Lucky Bastard” was unpleasant and misleading in its story of violence and perversion, where even its dry humor was unconvincing. Therefore, we are before another poorly written plot whose intentions are simply shock through gratuitous gun shooting and sex images. Lacking cleverness or even creativity, nothing here is to be taken seriously.

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