February 07, 2014

Love and Air Sex (2013)

Love and Air Sex (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Bryan Poyser
Country: USA

Movie Review: With the curious title “Love & Air Sex”, Bryan Poyser’s third feature is a wild, jolly, and (in)decent romantic comedy that spreads good vibes with a strong start, but ultimately struggles a bit in its final moments to maintain the same balance. Stan (Michael Stahl-David) travels from LA to Austin, Texas, when he finds out that his ex-girlfriend Cathy (Ashley Bell) will be there, coming from New York. What they don’t know is that their friends, Jeff (Zach Cregger) and Kara (Sara Paxton), who are going to welcome them in their homes, also broke up their relationship. Thus, men and women separately prepare a night of drinks. While the women decide to go to a night pub, the men start rehearsing for the Air Sex World Championship, a funny show currently taking place in the city, where people literally ‘fuck the air’. In either side, casual encounters with other people will bring uneasiness, despite of the couples’ pretention that nothing is wrong. The film was set up in a cool atmosphere, bringing up a few funny moments. In terms of romance, “Love & Air Sex” didn’t show so much warmth but was able to compensate in energy what lacked in substance. It was meant to please comedy fans in general or anyone who just wants to loosen up a bit and spend some laid-back time without worry with the inconsistencies of the plot.

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