February 12, 2014

I Am Yours (2013)

I Am Yours (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Iram Haq
Country: Norway

Movie Review: “I Am Yours” is an incisive drama coming from Norway, the first feature film by the actress-turned-director Iram Haq. The story is set in Oslo, where 27-year-old wannabe actress, Mina (Amrita Acharia), from Pakistani origin, lives a troubled life. Divorced from a successful architect and with a little son who needs constant attention, Mina is blamed by her parents for the situation she finds herself in. Despite the bad reputation among the family’s acquaintances and the continual rebukes from her mother, she seems to enjoy her freedom, having incessant encounters with other men and giving herself unreservedly in the relationships. When she gets to know Jesper (Ola Rapace), an unbalanced and insecure Swedish filmmaker, she finally hopes to settle down, departing to Sweden and taking her child with her. Will this be the opportunity she eagerly had been looking for? “I Am Yours” was made with attention to details and molded in an unambiguous way, leaving satisfactory impressions on how the impulsive and emotionally destructed Mina struggles in more than one front: family, love, profession, be herself. But for me, the most important factor was the visible concern with her son, and the persistent question hovering over her head: 'will I ever be a good mother?' With a competent direction, balanced performances, and a heartbreaking finale, “I Am Yours” was a positive surprise.

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