February 23, 2014

G.B.F. (2013)

G.B.F. (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Darren Stein
Country: USA

Movie Review: Too basic to seduce other audiences than teen ones, “G.B.F.”, which stands for gay best friend, reveals to be slightly better than Darren Stein’s previous films, “Sparkler” and “Jawbreaker”. The three most popular girls of North Gateway High School compete fiercely to be the next prom’s queen, trying to find the ideal gay best friend to escort them, once the outdated rules are changing and everyone sees this as a new cool trend. The victim is Tanner whose popularity increased in school but eventually will break up with his boyfriend, Brent. Tanner suddenly became the queens’ friend, advisor, and company for every occasion, at the same time that had to deal with the harassment of a devout Mormon guy. The best and funny aspects of the film were the supportive roles played by the parents when confronted with the truth about their sons. Brent’s mother even watched a few queer movies in a row at his side, to cheer him up and show she was there for whatever was needed, while Tanner’s parents were more concerned about the unsubstantial talk about Abraham Lincoln than really with his revelations. As for the rest, the story ran pretty artificial, with the speech lines hitting occasionally the target, but most of it relapsing in crappy conversation and ‘bitch’ language. The sensibility it tried to convey was phonier than ever, and the film ends as it began: in a frivolous manner.

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