June 23, 2014

Night Moves (2013)

Night Moves (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Kelly Reichardt
Country: USA

Movie Review: Whoever is acquainted with Kelly Reichardt’s previous films would know that her style is realistic, frequently passive, and sometimes dry in emotions. “Night Moves”, written by Reichardt and her habitual collaborator Jonathan Raymond, shows us exactly that, becoming in her most accessible work so far. The story follows Josh, Dena and Harmon, three radical environmentalists who decide to blow up with a hydroelectric dam. This clandestine intervention was carried out in the silence of the night, being planned not to cause casualties, but unfortunately the reality was very different, making the characters be consumed by fear and guilt, until starting to act completely out of control. Despite occasionally atmospheric, “Night Moves” is not a thriller in the most conventional way - it’s slow burning and quiet in such a way that the dialogues are almost dispensable. I must say I expected something more, especially at the end, but we have to accept Reichardt as she is: sharp behind the camera, direct on approach, time consuming in details, and disconcerting in the conclusions – sometimes some of these aspects can be mistaken with emptiness, which is not true in this particular case. Definitely not for everyone, “Night Moves” is a melancholic eco-drama disguised of thriller, that points to a new direction in Reichard’s career. It deserves a chance, even if like me, you miss more the rawness of the indie road-movie “Wendy and Lucy”, or the offbeat western “Meek’s Cutoff”. Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning’s performances were solemn and quite compelling.

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