June 18, 2014

Hellion (2014)

Hellion (2014) - Movie Review
Directed by: Kat Candler
Country: USA

Movie Review: In Kat Candler’s promising new feature film, “Hellion”, delinquency and family drama are mixed with salutary doses of sport. Despite far from outstanding, the film can be followed with interest, providing us with a sensitive story enhanced by rich performances from Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, and the two kids Josh Wiggins and Deke Garner. 13-year-old Jacob (Wiggins) is a motocross enthusiast who is seen as a troublemaker in his rural Texas town, dragging his 10-year-old brother, Wes (Garner), to street rebel actions that includes smashing cars with bats during football games, set things on fire, and all that kind of immature behaviors proper of his age. However, his hostility comes from the fact that he feels abandoned by his drunken father, Hollis (Paul), who still couldn’t get over his wife’s death. Hollis isn’t harmful or rude to his kids, he shows to be affective and worried about them; he just doesn’t have control over the situations, being unable to become a good example and gain their respect. When the Child Protective Services takes Wes away from the house, placing him with his aunt Pam (Lewis), an open conflict will arise between siblings-in-law, and Hollis will make a huge effort to change his life style. The occasionally overdramatic tones in the third act are not welcome, but “Hellion” has an engaging strong script that refuses to leave us empty-handed. It was awesome to watch how this family struggled to get together, assuming responsibility for their actions. Candler has some aspects to work on, but this one let me curious regarding her next move.

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