June 02, 2014

Lucky Them (2013)

Lucky Them (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Megan Griffiths
Country: USA

Movie Review: “Lucky Them”, a dramedy with alternative rock infusions, is the fourth feature film by Megan Griffiths, filmmaker from Seattle who became known in 2012 with a not so impressive thriller entitled “Eden”. Her new film follows Stax Magazine’s rock critic, Ellie Klug (Toni Collette), who was given the mission of finding a long-unseen local rock-star and ex-boyfriend, Matthew Smith (Johnny Depp), in an attempt to overcome the deep creative crisis she’s immersed for some time. On the road, she will be followed by Charlie (Thomas Haden Church), a former businessman and peculiar thinker who hates music and is giving his first steps on documentary film. From this moment on, we enter in a timid detective investigation scenario. At the same time, the emotionally vulnerable Ellie makes a mess of her emerging relationship with the talented street musician Lucas Stone (Ryan Eggold), who fell instantly in love with her after a prohibited first kiss. Griffiths makes use of an indie style and delicate approach to guide us through some smart observations, making us sense right away the presence of a sensitive feminine hand behind the sweet n’cool characters – the semi-autobiographical script was inspired on co-writer Emily Wachtel’s experiences. “Lucky Them” couldn’t beat the inspired musical romanticism of “Once” or the power of “High Fidelity”, but Collette and Church’s performances add charm and enjoyment whenever was needed, making us forget the fluctuations of the script.

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